Top Free and Best Plugins For Every Beginner

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Must Free Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

If you are looking for the best free WordPress plugins which will help you to grow your blog we have an answer for you.

Around 57000+ official free WordPress plugins are available, and the tough part is to select the best ones.

In addition to available free plugins, there is the same number of commercial plugins available from third-party developers.

In this article, I will cover the best essential free plugins that are required for every blogger.

By the way to increase the speed of your WordPress these 18 simple steps to be done after installing WordPress.

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What is a plugin:

A plugin is a software that adds extra functionality to your blog/website without changing the existing features.

For example, a plugin will help you to restrict spam comments in your blog without adding any code.

You can install/uninstall a plugin right from your dashboard. You can even download and install third-party plugins.

This is going to be a list of top free WordPress plugins which I use of this website.

If you are not sure how to install a plugin please check our article on starting a blog.

How to choose a free plugin:

Any plugin that you choose normally finishes the task but you need to check for quality.

While choosing the plugin of your choice ask yourself, number of downloads, the latest revision, support availability, and rating.

It’s important to choose wisely which ones fit for you as most of these plugins are free we can not expect support.

Best free WordPress plugins

WPForms Lite

WPForms Lite Free plugin

WPForms Lite is one of the best WordPress plugins which will help for every WordPress beginner to create a contact form.

It has a drag-and-drop interface feature which helps you to design your own contact form.

The best part is pre-build templates are available which you can edit easily.

This plugin does not limit to just having a contact form but also includes order forms, donation forms, survey forms, etc.

Once you finish designing your form you can embed it in any place.

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MonsterInsights Plugin Screenshot

MonsterInsights plugin helps you to connect with Google Analytics right from your WordPress dashboard.

By using this plugin you can keep track of the number of visitors to your blog, number of page views, bounce rate, etc.

You can even get all these data from Google Analytics but you can not track all user interactions.

For example, if you can afford for the pro version you will have access to user behavior like form submissions, download tracking, eCommerce transactions etc.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is an awesome plugin that helps you in creating search engine friendly content.

This plugin plays a major role in structuring your posts. For example, it helps you to add a meta description, a title for the page, etc.

It has features to improve your ranking on search engine results and bring more traffic to your blog/website.

This plugin constantly checks your content and suggests you with possible improvements.

Our recent article about On-Page SEO can be useful for you to improve your ranking.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links help you to create customized URL link the way you like using your own domain name.

It helps you to track each hit your visitors made using these customized links.

For example, your URL will look like this after customizing ‘’.

Mainly used for creating customized affiliate links.

Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee Plugin

Antispam Bee blocks spam comments and e-mails admin immediately.

Beautiful plugin to stop spam comments.

One day I got roughly about 120 spam comments and this plugin helped to filter the comments.

All of them are identified as spam by this plugin and it saved a lot of time.

Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents allows you to create a table of contents for your posts and pages.

By using headers it automatically generates a table of contents.
For example, you can specify which headings (h1, h2, and h3) are to be displayed as a table.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security Firewall Plugin

All In One WP Security & Firewall reduces security risks by applying WordPress recommended techniques and security practices.

Security features that this plugin provides are endless few to list backup functionality, security scanner, file system security, etc

EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin

EWWW Image Optimizer by optimizing your images on WordPress this plugin helps to increase page speeds.

The best feature that’s available in this plugin is it automatically optimizes any new images that are uploaded. There is no need to optimizes newly uploaded images.


Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts WordPress Plugin

Inline Related Posts plugin helps you to place related posts information in attractive boxes within your content.

This helps to reduce bounce and increase your visitor engagement with your blog/website.

Link Whisper Free

Link Whisper Free WordPress Plugin

Link Whisper Free suggests you contextual internal links which will enable you to link your previous posts easier.

Depending on the number of posts you have link whisper suggests you for internal links.

You need to copy the suggested link and paste at the desired place where suggested.

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

WodPress Social Sharing Plugin Image

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare is a user-friendly plugin which helps you to get more social shares.

Social warfare plugin carefully designed to give user-friendly look and best speed.

You can choose most of the top social sharing buttons using this plugin and also you can show up buttons the way you like.

WP Revisions Control

WP Revisions Control plugin helps you to limit the number of revisions that are stored.

Every time you press save in WordPress a revision is stored and every in 60 seconds your WordPress saves a revision automatically.

Imagine how many post revisions are stored before you finish writing a post and how much space it consumes.

So you need to control the number of revisions that are allowed before you finish you’re editing.

12 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

When I started my blog I was totally now sure on what are the most essential free WordPress plugins that I need to keep my blog run smoothly.

Now you have a list of free essential plugins that improve optimization and thus increases your SEO.

If you still in confusion on which platform to choose for blogging either or our post will clear all your questions.

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  1. Wow, this post was really helpful. I have just bookmarked it! I have a lot of these plugins, but the one plugin I didn’t have and I’m going to install right now is the Easy Table of Contents plugin. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome list!

    GABBY |

    • Angie, Inline Related Posts plugin is one of the wonderful plugins which I was using it’s definitely worth giving a try. Happy Blogging??

  2. Hello from Denver CO,
    These are all great advice in my opinion as well. I just installed Pretty Link to cloak my affiliate links, they are so ugly otherwise and I’m not sure why I haven’t done this sooner. There are so many aspects of SEO and it’s one step at a time I suppose as you learn. I am debating with myself whether I should go back to old posts and cloak these links and make them nofollow. Do you think search engines would reward this backward effort or is it too late for those posts? Thanks

    • Paul, Pretty Link plugin helps you to keep your affiliate links organized, easy to store and share. Changing your links to nofollow will not affect your SEO??

    • Shelbs, It’s one of the best free plugins which will automatically display related posts and must try plugin. Happy Blogging??

  3. This is a perfectly timed article for me. I recently got back into blogging and I’ve forgotten all the good plugins I need for my new site. Thanks for giving me a great starting place to improve my blog!

  4. I’m a fan of free stuff ? some of the things listed in here are very useful like social warfare, i’ve installed other plugins for my social sharing but warfare for me is the best.

    • Elle. after trying a few free plugins I am using the ones which add value to my blog and I have shared the same to my visitors. Glad to know this article helped. Happy Blogging??

    • Barbara, My blog main aim is to help beginners who wants to start blogging after reading your feedback I felt the purpose is fulfilled. More articles are on the way stay tuned with our blog. Happy Blogging??

  5. Again, what a brilliant blog post! I work in SEO as my everyday job and I love the way that this post has been written and presented, even the newest bloggers can understand this and improve their blog performance with just a few plugins added!
    I swear by an image optimiser, it really helps my site speed and google is happy with that!


    • Rosie, Glad to know this article helped and improved your SEO. Our main aim is to give new bloggers an in depeth knowledge and happy to know that it fulfilled the purpose??

  6. You have some great options here. I’m glad that you included an image optimizer. In working with other bloggers, that is one topic that I find many aren’t fully aware of – the purpose of image optimizers and how it will benefit them.

  7. Very insightful and helpful for me. I switched over WordPress from weebly a month ago and I am still learning the ins and outs of maneuvering through WordPress. Thank you for the plug in suggestions!

  8. These are some great plugins for beginners which you shared. Link Whisper PLugin sounds interesting and makes the work easier. Will surely try this one. Thanks for sharing such useful posts.

    • Priyanka, Glad you liked our article, I use LinkWhisper which will help to get relevant links in the article which is definitely worth giving a try. Happy Blogging 🙂 🙂

  9. Great tips and free plugins. I do not have WordPress I think I tried it once and just couldn’t get the hang of it. Maybe I will look into WordPress another time but for my blog I use Blogspot and that has been my go to. If you have any tips for that site let me know thanks for sharing.

    • Tara, I am not good with Blogspot, when I started I was confused with WordPress trust if you keep starting working on it things will go smoothly.
      Thanks for leaving your valuable feedback 🙂 🙂


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