Best Legitimate Micro Jobs Sites (Work from Home)

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Work From Home Micro Jobs (Without Coding or Experience)

Micro Job sites are websites which provide an opportunity to earn second source income without investment.

Micro job sites act as bridge between worker and employer.

Where an employer posts simple tasks, once the task is done, and proof was submitted you will get paid.

Micro job sites are very helpful for students, housewives, low skilled workers, and anyone interested to work from home.

Before I start this article I done research if these kinds of sites are really helpful or not. Read reviews on different websites and complied my list.

Nowadays work at home scams are increasing day by day. So, utmost care should be taken before choosing the right platform that best suits.

I will give you my list of legitimate and trustworthy sites that offer micro jobs also known as crowdsourcing.

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Works At Micro Job Sites

What type of jobs can be done using these micro jobs sites?

Micro jobs are small works and need very less time to finish.

Micro jobs has become the easiest way to make money online from home without any investment.

Types of works available on micro job sites:

  • Create a new mail account
  • Tweeting posts on Twitter
  • Like or share on Facebook
  • Posting on forums
  • Commenting on a blog post
  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Install games from app stores
  • Reviewing websites and apps

Possible Earnings & Mode of Payment

Your earnings depend on the tasks you accomplish.

As said earlier, jobs available in micro job sites are small they pay you somewhere around $0.05 to $1 per task.

Once you used to do tasks you can earn around $150 to $800 per month. Again it depends on time you have spent and how quick you are able to finish tasks.

You will be receiving money in US dollars.
Most websites will use PayPal, Payza, Payoneer for payouts.

There will be a minimum threshold to receive payment depending on the site you are working.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is also known as MTurk and it’s launched around November 2005.

Most of the tasks are from Amazon itself and those tasks need Human Intelligence, and they call it as Human Intelligence Tasks (HIT’s).

Amazon Mechanical Turk Account Information

Available tasks include image/video processing, gathering information, data verification, and writing content.

MTurk has 5,00,000 registered workers by the year 2011 and are from over 190 countries.

Your account need an approval from Amazon before you start working MTurk.

Application rejections from Asian countries is high which includes India.

There are two kinds of people involved, a Requester (employer) and a Worker (contractor).

  • Requester posts a job, reviews the work submitted by the worker and once satisfied approves the work and will pay for the work done.
  • Workers complete the tasks posted by requesters once employer satisfies you will receive payment.
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Microworkers is a great opportunity to begin your career as microworker and it’s one of the best micro job sites available.

It’s an innovative crowdsourcing platform which acts as bridge between Employers and Workers.

Once you set up your account you will be displayed with available tasks, choose the ones that best fits your skills and expertise.

Available jobs are collecting and analyzing data, image or video tagging, and transcription and lot more.

Employers can create professional looking campaigns by using available templates.

To withdraw your earnings for first time you will need to enter a pin which you received to your mailing address.


Clickworker is a crowdsourcing micro job site which distribute tasks to remote workers.

It was one of the oldest and legit websites which started in year 2005 and growing fast, reached 2 million by 2020.

You can work on either app or website, both Android and IOS apps available.

Available jobs include web research, surveys, structuring large amounts of data, creation of texts, and digitization of product data for online shops.

Provides simple tasks such as picture identification and data categorization which one can finish without degree.


Fiverr is a platform for freelancers in which a one can offer services starting from $5 and called as a gig.

It provides platform for people to buy and sell digital services, you can sign up as a seller and start offering services.

Services that you can offer include writing, translation, graphic design, video editing, SEO, logo design and programming.

Start an account as seller

Services start from $5 and can go to thousands of dollars. Once you finish the task you will receive a payment after they deduct 10% as their commission.

This can be a piece of cake for students looking for online jobs who can work from home without any investment.


RapidWorkers provide crowdsource service they have a database of 100,000 workers.

Their main focus is to help small businesses and professionals to increase publicity, ranking, and backlinks for low cost.

Platform to combine Workers and Employers, where employer reduces marketing and publicity costs. Worker earns by finishing simple tasks.


Small Gigs for Businesses and Jobs for Freelancers pocoworkers

Picowrokers is a platform provides combination of services like freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing marketplace.

Clients can hire workers to finish number of tasks such as promoting on social networks, testing websites, searching, data entry and many more.

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Remotasks offer completely different tasks compare to above said micro job sites.

To start working you need to sign up and easily you can do it using Facebook.

Tasks include processing images, categorization, comparison, and data collection.

To finish tasks you need to learn and qualify after that your tasks will be unlocked.

Once the work is done you will be paid weekly though Paypal.


Best and legit websites that you can start your work straight away and earn some extra income.

By joining these sites you will have the flexibility to work from home online at your convenient time and start making money.

There are other alternative ways to make money online do subscribe we will keep you posted with the latest updates.

If you think I missed any legit micro job sites you let me know through comments.

FAQ’s about Micro Job Sites

Is it possible to earn money with micro job sites

Yes, its easier to earn money online using these micro job sites.
To succeed you need to have patience as it adds a small amount of money.

How much I can earn using micro job sites

It depends on the task you finish. Your earnings may range from $0.05 to $1.

What skills do I need to qualify for jobs available

Most jobs available don’t really need any qualifications. All you need is a laptop, internet and good usage of commonsense to finish the given task.

To qualify do I need to pay any upfront

No, if any site asks for upfront consider it a fake one. Please be careful in dealing with jobs online.

Is it really worth using micro job sites to earn money online

These micro job sites are ideal for college students, professionals who start their career and want to earn extra money online, work from home opportunities for moms/dads.

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