How To Design & Write Your First Successful Blog

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Design & Write Your First Blog Easily

In this blog post I will show you how to design and write your blog successfully on WordPress from scratch.

If you want to be a pro blogger focusing on these two factors are very essential.

Writing good content is the key to increase number of visitors to your site.

Designing your blog to attract and keep your visitors engaged is as essential as content. More time spent on your blog will reduce your bounce rate.

According to Hubspot 90% of people responded they left the website as its badly designed.

I recommend you to keep your design and write style as simple as possible.

Now it’s time to go in action and start making an awesome blog with great content.

Assuming that you have already hosted your blog online I am moving forward if not check our Step-By-Step guide.

I don’t over promise you that in a single post I will show complete picture on how to write and design your WordPress blog.

But I am sure if you follow these steps you will get good idea and clear all your confusions on how to design and write.

“I get little commissions for purchases made through links in this post with no additional cost for you.”

  1. Design Your WordPress Blog
  2. Write Your First Blog Post

Design Your WordPress Blog

Choose A Blogging Platform: WordPress

Platform for publishing blog

First steps to design a blog is choosing the right platform. I recommend to use WordPress as your choice. Here is why:

WordPress is a powerful and free software that helps you do your work in front end and it does all the magic in back end by sitting in servers.

WordPress is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface which gives you the flexibility to work without any technical or coding knowledge.

Some top players using WordPress to name CNN, The New York Times,, People Magazine, NFL, US Post Office, and Ford Motors. 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world are using WordPress.

Installing WordPress using hosting providers like Bluehost, Siteground and Dreamhost can be done with few clicks.

You may be using or check out the differences and decide which one suits your need.


Design Your Theme: The Way You Like

When it comes to designing a blog choosing WordPress as blogging platform will save you a lot of time and money.

Available pre-designed themes helps you to start designing your blog from scratch.

To access available themes go to Appearance ⇾ Themes and click on Add New.

You can use available WordPress themes or upload themes from outside.

Few most popular themes are GeneratePress, Astra, OceanWP choose the one which suits perfect to your idea.

For this site I am using GeneratePress as my theme of choice. It gave me great flexibility to design as per my requirement. This is the best theme for beginners which can be easily customizable.

You can even use themes from web and upload into your WordPress and start customizing.

By using theme builders like Divi and Thrive theme you can design a lovely theme.

Selecting a theme which is Mobile Responsive is essential, as usage of number of mobile and tablet devices are increasing rapidly.

Test your website using Mobile-Friendly test on how it is doing with mobile friendliness.

Experiment With Your Dashboard

Some important settings need to be configured before you actually start working.

Change settings and check which one sets your site, experiment with available options and get familiar with your dashboard.

Once you know what are the settings available then you would be able to customize which suits you best.

To get familiar with your WordPress settings After Installing WordPress check our post.

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Design A Unique Logo

Now-a-days a logo can be created on your own by using tools available.

You can search in Google for logo design where you will find a lot of websites from which you can design your logo easily.

One of the best sites to design your logo was Canva, were you can design and download your logo for free.

Add logo to your website from WordPress Dashboard navigate to Appearance ⇾ Customize ⇾ Site Identity and upload your logo.

Usage of Colors

When you start designing you will be excited to use different colors and experiment in so many ways.

But keep your design as simple as possible use no more than three colors.

When designing keep in mind that you are doing it to bring more visitors not to confuse them with too fancy ones.

Contrast colors will give a good appearance will work well to create a right design.

Key focus area should be on content not on design.

Design Your Navigation Menu

Menu is the first thing your visitors notice when they first landed on your site.

Keep it simple and professional rather than messing up by adding all posts.

It’s in practice that almost all sites fix their navigation menu on the top of website.

Pages like Contact Us, About Me, and Resources are few good ideas to keep on your menu.

Customize Look & Feel

When it comes to look and feel most themes are build keeping in mind giving flexibility to bloggers for easy monetization.

Customize your layout depending on the purpose why you are blogging.

I removed side bars in my blog and made wider so it helps my visitors to read content.

My layout width was set to 1100px wide.

Side bars are annoying, distract, and they will slow down speed of your site especially on mobile.

Choose A Font

Need to choose fonts carefully as it is important to keep your content easily readable.

Large fonts are recommended because screen sizes are increasing which larger fonts will be more clear and easy to look.

Using Google fonts will give you the flexibility to check visually and make a decision on which font to use.

For my site I used Montserrat and font size is set as 22.

If you are theme does not support Google fonts you can install Easy Google Fonts plugin.

Using Internal Links

Internal links helps your users and search engines to navigate from one page to another.

Google finds your posts and pages easily on internet when they are linked. Your website ranking increases when internal links used properly.

Internal links will give good idea to Google how your website is structured. This helps Google to establish a hierarchy of your site.

I use LinkWhisper which helps me find internal links according to content written.

By using internal links your visitors navigate through your pages mean they are spending more time.

Write Your First Blog Post

Every blogger will face this situation when they decided to start a blog, what exactly to write.

This situation feels to be difficult but believe me once you start writing it keeps going.

Imagine your self as a successful blogger and act like this is my bread and butter.

Flow of your writing starts from inside hunger it helps you to become successful in your journey as blogger.

You decided to be a blogger because you want to share your best knowledge to world act on it.

Start acting rather than sitting and thinking, things will follow.

Write Your First Blog

Bunch of Ideas

You need to know what exactly you want to write. Decide a topic on what to write about.

Sometimes you may have a big bunch of ideas but not sure where to start.

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed because you are not sure on what to write.

You need to have planner to schedule for future and list of topics on what to write.

As per my research top performing bloggers will have a planning schedule prepared at least 6 months in advance.

You can use Google Keep, Evernote or Trello to keep all your ideas in one place which helps you to make your scheduler easy.

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Research Your Keywords

Before we start our research for keywords we need to know what exactly is a keyword.

Keywords are words, phrases and sentences that your blog audience searching for in search engines.

Using the relevant keywords for the post you are creating will bring more visitors to your website so more traffic.

MozBar extension
will help you to identify authoritative and competitive for the words or phrases you enter.

Write A Great Headline

Writing a great headline is the key to increase traffic to your blog by making it more shareable.

Keywords are crucial for On-Page SEO and by using the right keywords in your headline relevant posts will be displayed to people who search.

You can analyze your headline using CoSchedule.

Advantage of using headline analyzer was it helps you to change your words to make it more catchy.

Analyzes different factors like are the words used common, uncommon, emotional and powerful. It also checks for grammar and readability of your post.

It’s always good idea to check your headline.

Make it easier to read

You are writing your blog post for your readers so keep your sentences easier to read.

You can do it easily by following simple steps.

Using short sentences helps your visitors to understand your writings clearly.

Read your posts a loud once finished it helps to check how smooth your writing flow was.

Start Writing

  • When you start writing make sure you sit in a place where you don’t get distracted.
    Write whatever comes to your mind and you can edit it later.
  • Now open a Notepad and start writing everything that I know related to the article.
  • Next I copy the post to Hemingwayapp and check for hard to read sentences which I will edit for better meaning.
  • I use Grammarly to check for spell mistakes and any it will suggest for minor grammar mistakes.
  • Make sure you’re writing uses headers (H1, H2, H3, H4).
  • When Google identifies your post it checks for keyword in headers.

Avoid mistakes I made

  • Creating images when writing wastes time.
  • Avoid editing while writing, edit post once you finish with your writing.
  • Formatting for better look and feel.
  • Opening multiple tabs which are not related to topic.
  • Using mobile will kill time.
  • Not keeping a trimmer.


Now it’s easier for you to design and write your first blog successfully.

Once you finish designing you need to check for how to optimize your WebPage using On-Page SEO techniques.

Writing a conclusion is also a part of design and write your first blog. A conclusion is like a summary for the reader to know what was discussed in the post. Always include a conclusion is a good practice and recommended.

If your idea in starting a blog was to make money online check our post on different ways to make money online from home.

Hopefully I have given you best of my recommendations and if I have left any suggestions please do let me know in comments.

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Thought leader MBA graduate and an experienced consultant drove companies to setup from scratch. Started to follow his dreams and sharing knowledge with the world through blogging.

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  1. This is a really nice, comprehensive guide. Great advice for beginning bloggers. I’ll share it with my social media followers. You hit on a lot of key points. The design is especially important. You can have the greatest content, but if people visit and the site is poorly constructed, the navigation is confusing or you have other issues in place, they’ll leave before finding out how great the info is that you provide.

    • Hi Anthony, Happy to hear that you enjoyed my article and sharing the same with your social media followers. Truly said design has more importance than content. How good the content is we need to attract the visitor too.????

  2. This is an excellent, comprehensive guide to starting a blog. Really solid advice for those looking to get into the blogging world and launch a new site.

  3. I agree with you, writing a conclusion is very important for bloggers. In the conclusion you can add a question that appeals your readers to engage in the comment section. Great read! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. This is a great piece of advice for new bloggers and those who are thinking about starting a blog. I totally agree with you about the feel and look. It’s so important how your readers enjoy being on your site. Mobile friendly website is a must for excellent user experience. Thank you for sharing these tips with us! ?

    • Päivi, Exactly having a mobile-friendly website is a must nowadays mobile became an alternative. Thanks for sharing your views with us??

  5. Yes even people are jodgemental about a blog on first appearance before they read the content

    Design your blog with what would make your target market happy and fit your brand

    • Alison, As an old saying “The first impression is the best impression”.
      A visitor will decide to stay or leave a site with the just blink of an eye. SO designing plays a very crucial role??

  6. Making and maintaining a blog, along with all of the networking, marketing, SEO, and all the other junk that comes with it can be daunting. I really appreciate the overview of the process. It helps me and my blogs out a lot!

    • Kade, Thanks for your feedback and to become successful in the blogging journey all these factors play their roles. Happy Blogging ??

  7. Another great post! I like that YOAST gives you a clear idea on what to add to your post and what needs to be improved. Even if you’ve written over 500 blog posts (like me) it’s good to refresh your memory on what should work for you!


    • Rosie, Thanks for leaving your feedback! Once I finish my article I check all the suggestions which are given by Yoast and I click on the publish button only when Yoast is happy with my post??

  8. Very informative! I love designing my website but sometimes I don’t have the time so I instead write posts. Some of the tools u meantioned, I am currently using like canva and grammarly and they are pretty helpful. Thanks for sharing this post! ??

    • Elle, Glad you find the article informative, you have to take time to design your blog as it important to design your blog too. It will help your readers to navigate through your blog. Happy Blogging??

    • Manali, Hemingwayapp is a great website, you will find very helpful for writing your blog post as it will show you whether the sentences you wrote are hard or easier to read. Happy Blogging??


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