Why Infographics Important For SEO: Ultimate Guide

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Infographics for SEO

Infographics are not only helping visitors to understand what the content is about but also to search engines. So it’s important to know why infographics are key for SEO.

These infographics are playing a vital role to increase traffic and attract visitors to your blog.

When we visit a blog, if we do not see images and videos then what we do? Click the back button and search for another blog.

As soon as we visit a blog post we quickly scan for information, infographics are helping visitors to get an idea what it is about.

In today’s busy world no one has time for reading long articles. We all want informative data in short. Which is easy to remember and easy to apply.

Infographics provide the best solution to attract reader’s attention and convey them with information.

Best solution to keep visitors engaged with content is through infographics and this can be achieved with the help of icons, color, graphs, and images.

So let’s see what are infographics, how to create infographics, how to use infographics for SEO, and how to promote infographics.

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What are Infographics

Visual presentation of content with the help of icons, images, and text in a pattern is called Infographics.

Infographics help readers to understand the content easily. In the era of digital marketing, infographics are very useful.

We can share these infographics on social media to get more traffic to our blog or website.

Infographics are playing a key role to attract more visitors through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Images and charts make the content easier to understand to the audience. Pinterest and Instagram are the best social media platforms to share infographics.

See the below infographic, which explains how to follow all basic rules while driving a car. See the combinations of images and icons with the text.

A simple Infographic is conveying the complete message that’s the beauty of using Infographics.

Engagement of text with the images, color, design, and pattern is very important to create an amazing infographic.

Infographic Cae Example

How to create Infographics?

As of now, we have seen what are infographics, now we look at how to create SEO friendly Infographics

Table of Contents

Tools to create Infographics


Canva Home Page Screenshot

Canva is an easy tool to use for creating the best SEO infographics, featured images, banners, logos, and much more.

You will get many free templates, images, icons from here. These are very important to create an infographic.


Venngage helps you to create amazing infograpics. Like Canva you will get here templates, images, icons.

In the infographics section, there are amazing options available.


Picktochart is one of the best options to create infographics. You can choose different sizes, images, and templates from here.

How to use infographics for SEO

Infographics for SEO

Infographics SEO strategy helps to get more traffic to the blog.

When we share infographics on social media platforms these infographics are sharable. Rather than the content of your website, and thus bring more traffic to your blog.

Most people want to understand the important content in short. That’s why infographics attract more audiences.

As the infographic are available in links form. It means you can easily get backlinks to your blog.

Infographics also help you to create your brand in the online market.

So let’s see

Select the best topic to create an Infographic

Now, we know that a unique idea is very important either we are writing an article or to create an infographic.

The best idea that adds value to your blog to bring more traffic is by using infographic SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Firstly, do keyword research before creating an infographic. Keywords are very important to use in infographics.
For a detailed explanation on how to do keyword research, we have On-Page SEO top secrets.

Use your website URL in the Infographics

It’s very important to include your blog URL in the infographic you have created.

Title of your Infographic

Write an engaging headline with your focus keyword. It is easy to understand and attract your targeted audience.

Proper use of headings

A detailed explanation is very important from the point of SEO so use proper heading tags.

Choose attractive fonts

We can use fonts like Helvetica, Lato, Arial Sans Serif fonts in the creation of infographics.

Points to remember While creating an Infographic

  • Story of your Infographic

Write engaging sentences. Be on point, what you are trying to convey with the help of Infographic.

  • Design

Keep design unique and attractive. Use the best colors. You can search on Google for color combination.

  • Use Graphs and Charts
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Charts and graphs should be placed in an infographic for a better explanation. It helps the user to easily understand the concept behind the infographic

How to promote Infographics

Now we have made our infographic. So its time to know how to use infographics for SEO and promotion. Use social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Reach out to other bloggers, If they will like your infographics they link that within their post.

Use Infographics in guest post submission. This is the best link building strategy to use infographics in a guest post.

Submit Infographics on different Sites

We can also submit our Infographics to many sites. There are some online sites that accept the submission of infographics.

  1. Cool Infographics
  2. Visually
  3. GraphsNet
  4. Infographic Reviews
  5. Visulattic

So if you think, your infographic is awesome then you can submit it on these websites. You also can generate traffic from these websites.

Bonus Tip: Infographics as presentation videos

Another best method to attract your audience is by making a video with the help of infographics.

Add many infographics one after one in a sliding form. Converting your infographics in video form will be helpful for you to get web traffic.

If other bloggers like your video they may add your video on their blog and you can get a high-quality backlink too.

Therefore, we can say that infographics play an important role in getting traffic as well as generate backlinks.


I hope now you know that How to optimize infographics for SEO. So why not try today to make an awesome and unique infographic with a unique idea. Share it on social media and get the audience to read your blog.

Still not started a blog here is our step-by-step guide.

Thanks for reading this article!

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  2. This post is very informative! So many tips and helpful info about what an infographic could do to your traffic and blog. I actually will try to do this, as I haven’t tried it yet, and I didn’t know you could submit it to other websites! Really awesome, thanks so much for sharing this! xo

    • Thank You so much Elle. Really worth giving a try using infographics and this is one of the best ingnored ways that every blogger need to concentrate to gain more readers. Good Luck

  3. Infographics are great. They add a nice level of engagement, and they just add a nice visual element that makes the post more appealing. I’m addition to the tools you mentioned, I found another great one called DesignCap that makes the process super simple. I wrote a review about it on my site.

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  7. Another brilliant SEO post! In my day job, I’ve spent a lot of time creating infographics for my clients and the results for their SEO is always great to see! I would defo look into hosting more info graphics if they matched my brand!


    • Rebekah, Infographics are a great way to boost your traffic, and it’s one of the best sources people often don’t concentrate much. Thanks for leaving your feedback, Happy Blogging 🙂 🙂

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